Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Still around, somewhat

Sorry for the delay in posts for so long. I am still pretty busy getting things up and ready for the new school year including lecture notes, books, moving in and getting stuff for a new apartment, all those great things. I imagine I will get back to pretty regular posts very soon here, as soon as my schedule gets a little bit more regular.

I haven't noticed much in the way of big news as of late other than a couple of nerfs for things that 'weren't working as intended' such as fok and such, which will make 5v5 games a lot better when some rogue is running around spamming that crap.

I have been trying to get on and continue doing some raiding. We also spent our obligatory hour on Algalon, looks like we should be able to get him next week even with a group poorly tailored for buffs. We have made it through a couple big bang transitions, which seems to be the worst part.

Hopefully, things will get get rollin soon and I can bring out a video that I am still gathering clips for, which with my lack of time are not building up very quickly...

Anyway, servers are almost back up which means its time to get ready to down all sorts of new bosses and get arena rolling again.

Lok'tar ogar!