Friday, April 30, 2010

It's my time of the month...

To get out a post! Duh...

It appears that the latest job has not worked out well with me also finishing school, doing research for a professor, and also teaching. I was forced to take off the last two weeks to avoid getting my grades smoked by the last minute homework which was handed out the same day as our final projects in all of my classes. They did not appreciate that me driving 3 hrs to get there would be a slight hindrance to the minimal time I already had for getting things done. So today I turned in my completed project (on schedule...) and it will be my last day.

At least now maybe I can get some WoW time in while I prepare to do one of two things: I will either be returning to school and getting a PhD (Yay! Professional student status!) or getting a job. This means that while I study to pass my departmental exam at a doctoral level, I will also be flinging applications at any one who will accept it and has something to do with statistics, or analysis, and all that mumbo jumbo. When it's all said and I done, I'll see what's happening and choose what I really want from there...

The tl:dr version: Time to throw shit at the wall and see what sticks.

With this semester being over though, and me no longer having anywhere to go, I guess that means its time to get back into WoW, maybe even raiding. I have several friends asking me to come back and blow stuff up with lb's and keep people alive with those bouncing green lazers, and I think I am going to take them up on it.

This is going to require a transfer back to horde, and although I'm going to miss the cute pigtails, I won't miss people on the Alliance side of my server, the grass is not always greener on the other side.

I am happy to say that this shift should be happening on Tuesday, right after I get arena points, since we have landed above 2k, and I need some cute shoulders, of which I am around 200pts shy. Curse all the times I got sick of trying to win a random BG...

Switching gears, I am noticing a lot of noise happening over the 10 vs 25 player lockouts and what not. I know I am late to the party, and I don't have much of anything to say about it, other than that I'm happy that if I really do start raiding again, and that is the plan, that I won't have to run a 10 man and a 25 man every week just to keep up. I think that will help avoid burnout for a lot of players, which is always a good thing. I have had to many close friends just give up because of the excessive amount of things you "had" to do to stay competitive with other good guilds.

I know most people are looking at 25's in that they will just get more loot as drops, but I also am under the impression that your points for gear (whatever they are calling them now) for the current raiding ilvl will increase faster by raiding 25's rather than 10's.

Whether that is enough to keep people at 25's, I'm not sure. I know there will still be lots of 25 man raids, don't get me wrong. But I think a lot of people, when getting the exact same loot as a 25 man, and especially on low pop servers, will forgo the difficulties that can arise when attempting to fill out that last 5 slots for a 25 man with as Gevlin would say, the ms.

My last thing, I promise... Last night I was talking to a few friends about beta, for whenever it comes (I'd expect May, but wouldn't be surprised if it was later than that), and if they would play it. Personally, I appreciate all the people that go play beta and get the bugs out, but I'd rather see everything as a whole new experience at midnight, you know, while I keep getting server crashes and what not. My question is what do you all think? Would you like to play beta for Cat, or wait for it to come out?

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Don't Hate

Yea, Yea, I know my posts are few and far between, but that's just the way life is. Even sleep is losing its slice of the pie that makes up my day's activities.

I thought today I would try and switch things up a little bit, I just don't play/raid enough anymore to keep dolling out advice about things I can't test, so I'll leave that to someone who can. Google it, I'm sure you'll find something if that's what you're interested in.

The last couple weeks have kept me busy enough that I have struggled to get in 10 arena matches either week, and somehow just barely made time to get a daily heroic and daily random in (nice feature, btw) to keep things rolling along. Now that these last couple of weeks are over though, I think it's time to make the push for 2200 to get myself some hot pants, and by hot pants, I mean a sweet new pvp weap. It's gonna be so crazy, that instead of casting spells, I'm just gonna show it to people and make them run, and if not, then just show them my sweet capped daggers skill. Pro, amirite?

Anywho, maybe when the semester ends, work begins, and cat beta is out, I'll start talking more about things. Someone should obv just give me their key as I am way above WOTLk by now... Yea, I know, we all are, but we can look back with some fondness... *Queue 80's montage music* Maybe that's a good side project, a WOTLK memories slide show? I'll start looking for random screen shots and see what happens. If you have any good ones, let me know.

p.s. - LvB on anyone with less than 15k health is now very funny to me, since that's where its at dmg wise