Friday, February 19, 2010

Been a while...

Sorry to anyone who still notices that it has been so long since the last post. September 1st was the last time actually, and as I went back to school last semester I didnt like the recent switch in guilds, and it killed my spirit for WoW. Luckily, some friends came back to the game and got me back into it, so in the beginning of January, I started trying to catch my shaman back up.

Since then, I've got some ICC experience, although it seems like the people I came back to play with are solely interested in pvp, which is fun, but I want to see Arthas die as well.

Other fun stories, in coming back, I switched from Horde to Alliance and have discovered some important things on our server. Both sides have their share of annoying kids, adults who need more meds, and teenagers who need to get outside and stop nerd raging over little things. Unfortunatly, the Alliance side on our server is pretty far behind in progression, so getting a couple decent pugs to fill our 10mans has been difficult.

Anyway, now that I cut my week into half school, half work 3 hours away from school, I think I will find some more time to write, need those breaks from work every now and then, and hopefully get back into the community.

PS - good thing I threw chain healz into the name of this blog because due to the lack of good players on the alliance side, we all switched from dps to tanks/heals, except out one tank who turned into dps...funny how life works.

PS - on the PVP side of things, good thing that auto-crit LvB t10 bonus didnt go through...crap for pve, but woulda made a nice pvp bonus.

To wish you off on a good note, hopefully your random heroic isn't CoT: Strath...

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