Thursday, March 4, 2010

Planning for the future...

Immediatly after I decided to get back into blogging as a way of relaxing my mind from things, I up and leave. How typical right? Not permanently mind you, just for temps!

I had a nice vacation down to Florida to visit some friends, went to some theme parks, saw some ocean, and most importantly, traded 10 degree weather of the northern US for the much warmer 65-70 degree temperatures of Florida.


There are plans to do several BIS lists in the future, probably for elemental only, sorry resto and enh, the feelings just aren't the same. In actuality, I have no clue on how to really even play enh, short of downloading that mod that tells you when to do what, I forget the name for now..., and resto, well that BIS depends on your job. Some shaman raid heal, some shaman tank heal, both are viable, but your BIS depends on what you are doing.

The idea is to create a reg 10 icc, hm icc 10, reg 25 icc/reg 10 icc/hm icc 10, and finally a hm 25 icc list. I know, big things right? Hopefully I can follow through.


Is anyone else excited for Cataclysm? I know I'm just like a kid on Christmas Eve, and just the same, it's taking too long to get here. Don't get me wrong, I haven't even cleared all of icc yet, which is strange for me. Especially after we were the 2nd best guild on our server, until our rl got a diff job, strange hours, and couldn't raid. People slowly gravitated out. Our 5 man core that we started with faction xferred to alliance, now life is even more interesting -- want to do VOA? Hope you're up between 4 and 10am, cause thats the only time we control it. Wanna get a pug rolling for ICC 10/25? Good luck finding a hunter without stam gems in almost every slot, caster dps with the int trinket from badges, etc... At least they don't go oom right?

Now I'm all for helping people get gear faster nowadays, heck I wouldn't have gotten here after I came back without being able to grind out all the emblem of triumph gear and such, but there needs to be some check, some sort of difficulty in this game somewhere. The other day I ran a heroic with this terrific hunter, every pull he would run up, drop his traps, then melee the mobs... I kinda laugh about his tactics for a while, so I inspect his gear... What a mistake, yellow sockets all got defense gems, some even with +20 (cause purples are better!), blue with stam, and red got int/ap or something like that. Do people still buy characters off ebay? Sometimes I wonder...

Anyway, here's looking forward to 3.3.3 and the bg finder... kind of exciting, but it will be a lot better if people can only queue for one at a time. I know, longer wait, but then there will be less Isle of Conquests for me that start with 40 horde vs around 25 ally... just sayin'

May your lightning bolts proc overload,


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