Thursday, March 18, 2010

F Titles

Since this is about the rate of my posts, I have decided I am going to switch from attempting to give awful advice, to just talking about the little things I find entertaining from time to time in the game.

I noticed after all the time playing I have developed some very strange habits while in the game. Anyone else always jump/fly through a dungeon portal? I can't walk through it, it doesn't feel right.

Or how about the jumping right before you mount? Yea, some days I'll miss-time it, but I think after so long I finally have it down to an art.

Lately, I have been leveling tanks, lots of them, in fact, every type. With all the free emblems being thrown at me, and no raid gear upgrades to buy gems for, I just buy heirloom gear. I think I have the full set for any class in the game I want to play now. This means that I have been trying part of wow where everything in a dungeon tries to beat your face in, but can't, which is nice. Of course, you have to throw out some nasty insults to keep everything pissed at you, but it's going well. I got a feral tank to 66, a prot pally to 58, and a prot warrior to 35 over the last couple weeks.

I think the only reason I really go for tanks is that I have enough down time already on my main, I want quick queues when I am going to level and such.

I don't know, this post is random, so it gets no title...

Get a bottle of something nice so when Garrosh comes to town you can pour one out for your homie Cairne...

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