Friday, July 16, 2010

Twiddling Thumbs

Cat previews have me interested in WoW again, not enough to make an effort to come back now, but enough that I will start when they drop 4.0 on us all.

Until then, the rest of my friends that will compose my 10 man raiding guild (thank god we don't have to scrounge up 25 any more, on our tiny server there are just too many bad/ignorant players) so that news was well received by all of us (Plus we have never been accused of being people-persons....), have been messing around with old games. Things like Diablo 2, Lineage, League of Legends, hell I even went back to an old MUD to start a character again and do some random things, ha.

Enjoy your summers, I'll be in an office building calculating fun risk models and what not. Maybe I'll finally start using some of this modeling knowledge to do sometihng useful towards WoW, well for shaman at least.

Until next time, may the spirit of the wild heed your call.

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