Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Holding Place

This post is basically a temporary placeholder that says, "Someday, I will continue to write valuable posts."

Sorry my loyal and faithful readers (there must be 1, somewhere?... No? Oh well) but work is busy pumping out stuff that has been put off for several years, so the Government doesn't have a giant hissyfit... have they seen what they take out of my paycheck? They should get about 1/100th of what I'm working on and be happy to get it...

My plan is to experience the leveling of a mage, although with all the cool sounding quests for low levels, it almost seems like a good idea to wait, guess I will have to delete my mid 30's hunter to start this mage, and that's ok, 'cause I didn't really enjoy managing a pet, this is probably why I don't like my warlock either. My imp is always like, "What should I do?" "I have no idea, attack my target... No, not the CC'd target, damn you...." Now all that lock does is make tailoring stuff, and hold my guild name until all the members come back for Cat.

Why does he have to hold the guild name? Well, because we reformed it on the Alliance side? Why did we do that? A challenge, on my server, the alliance side is near dead, and it was fun to be a part of the rare win in WG back when we were still all playing and decided to go. That's right, we did it for the challenge... in the end, people liked being their horde characters more, although I was pretty hot draenei with my pigtails. Yea, it went female for a little while, mostly cause I hate the way the Draenei dudes look, kinda like troll females...bleh.

Oh well, I'm off to kill two dwarves...

I mean, do some work...

-B Rab

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