Friday, August 6, 2010

It's Friday!

1. Riptide should allow you to see through someone's shirt, you just soaked their white-t!

2. Healing rain in Cat better fix this issue... Hello wet t-shirt parties in Org, cause I know everyone loves orc boobs

It's random, funny, and its a cartoon, but if someone is looking over your shoulder at work I'd be careful, there is a cartoon depiction of horse junk at one point, albiet very quick.

4. Careful the next time you think you are playing it safe by not getting into this van, he might wait for you to go to bed.


5.Enjoy your weekend, try something new, listen to some MC Chris... ha!


  1. Shutupwomangetonmyhorse is legendary in my guild and has even been sung by my raid leader. =)
    Ah, sweet, sweet lemonade.

  2. Sometimes I just let it play behind the window whre I'm doing work for hours...