Wednesday, August 5, 2009

3.2 = bleh

First off, grats to anyone that could really manage to do much of anything last night. At one point, for around an hour, I couldn't see mailboxes, npcs, or other players, but I could see all the chat and stuff like that. The one positive of that was that I was running around 80 fps in Dal, ha!

I got in the heroic daily, which was being closely guarded by some crappy alliance players (in skill, not because they are alliance) who weren't really prepared for 5 top end geared players to come pack in their shit. That was about the extent of my night though, we tried to do a couple different of the older raids (from earlier in WotLK) for some of the members who were just getting back into the game, but constantly seeing the "Transfer aborted: Instance not found" for about 10 minutes we gave up on those ideas.

The new BG is fun. I did get to spend some time in there, well for as long as I could take it. Luckily I only died at most a couple times per game, because it was like this:

You have died.
*Click release spirit*
*Wait 5 you're a ghost over your body*
*Couple more min... Graveyard!*

Getting a spirit rez turned out to be a lengthy process. At least I had some fun on the gunship, got to go back door on the alliance just how I know they like it, and kill some dude or something at the end. It's quite the mix of a couple bg's, and pretty entertaining.

Sometimes people amaze me, the one raid we did manage was to get a couple 10man VoA's going, some people just don't believe you when you say that the new boss won't be there yet. It took a good 5 min of running at the portal before we were able to zone in. Anyway, we decided (this was before we gave up on 25's) that we would combine the groups when we were done for a 25 man VoA. We finished up and were waiting on the other group, and one of the other officers says in raid chat: "Stay in group, we will combine with the other group when they are done and do 25 man." This next part, I wish I could say was a joke, not 30 seconds later, with the message still on screen : "So are we gonna do 25 man? Cause we are like, 15 people short." There was just a collective groan over vent. This is, by the way, the same person who came to the 10 man VoA, and when we get up to Emalon (no deaths yet) says, "Oh, does someone have a repair bot, my pants, wrists and mace are broken." Really? REALLY? Whether or not you are a fan of Gevlon and his blog, all I could think was that we are carrying this M&S (Morons & Slackers).

On a final note, I was planning on putting up a new UI this week, but it's going to have to hold off until I can get blizz's new totem bar, and all my addons taken care of. There needs to be some sort of function to be able to hide it/turn it off. When I change specs it comes back, when I reloadUI it hides it, it's kind of entertaining.

So do any other shamans have an opinion on any of there changes? I was trying to do some healing all night, but we kept getting healers to fill up roles. It was probably good that I didn't with the way the lag was. At least the pally tank changes are nice for when everyone is just standing there while his health goes down. Ardent defender came into play quite a bit.

Until next time: trolls be wilin' out, mon'

B Rab


  1. I did the new 5-man and tried out the 10-man (got stomped) and outfitted my priest with epic gems, but that's about it. Apparently, you can't do the Northrend Children's Week quest stuff unless you are of a certain reputation (friendly? honored? exalted?) with either the Oracles or the Frenzyheart. I picked up the quest on my shaman, with the whistle to call the little wolvar orphan, but lo and behold he had nothing for me. Seeing as how I have not even set foot in Sholazar Basin since I went and got the flight path for Nesingwary Base Camp at level 75, I am not even friendly with one of the two factions on my shaman. Guess I'll have to wait until next year!

    I did load my "out of date" addons so that they would all work. Pitbull apparently covers the new totem bar or something - it was nonexistent on my screen. I did go learn the three abilities for one-global-cooldown totem sets, but I couldn't change the totems that were preset in each one. I did H VH with another shaman and envied the fact that they were able to plop down all four totems at each portal, while I was still putting down my last totem or two after each fight had been engaged (which is normal for me, I always feel like I'm too far away so I wait until I'm close to put down my totems and usually end up starting my dps late.)

    Despite this, I still managed to put out a good 2.9 dps overall for the place. :-)

    I didn't try out healing yet, but I'm kind of looking forward to it. With the boost in distance and healing amount for chain heal, resto shamans will really be powerhouses!

  2. I don't think I've ever done anything than quested through the area, and I know if I fly overhead I see dailies. Did you try talking to the lady who gives you the quest with then pulling out your orphan? I think that's the order it happens in.

    Glad to hear you are doing better dps these days on the shaman. With all the lag on the servers last night it felt like I was doing terrible dps personally.

    I know that my bartender covers it up as well, just not at first when I switch specs, which actually worked out well since I could set my totem sets, then reload my ui and just have the sets premade! Ha.

    I gotta think that resto shamans will be a lot better off with most healing now. At least better than before. I did like the change to mp5 at least, when I switched over I went from around 400 mp5 to 500, should help a lot with the mana issues that were commonplace.

    On a side note, how do I get my comments section to be more like yours so I can put replies to statements and such?

  3. I'm not sure what you mean about the comments section - I have to post another comment in the section to reply. :-P

    And yeah, I'm a nub - I did finally talk to the orphan lady and lo and behold, the wolvar orphan had quests for me. I've got him now - he's so cute! I still have to do the Oracles one on my priest - I hear he plays with a baby murloc, and I can't miss out on that.

    The totem bar is still MIA, but I was able to fix it by updating Dominoes - there are 3 new action bars, one for each "Call of" totem, where you can drag the totems you want in each bar. I did this and then turned the bars off and dragged the actual "Call of" totems on to my visible action bars - I figured that I'd go with a "standard" set (flametongue, windfury, strength of earth, and healing stream for enhancement and flametongue, wrath of air, stoneskin, and mana spring for resto) for one, a set with cleansing totem instead of healing/mana totem for the second, and a set with both the cleansing totem and the tremor totem for the third.