Tuesday, August 4, 2009

That place is a mad house!

So last night, while we were recouping from this weekend's guild drama, I helped some of the newer guys through a naxx10. Around the end, the gm and other officers asked if we wanted to start a 5's team, to prepare for when 2's was no longer as viable.

I spent all the time I could in between matches resocketing resto gear for spell power, and changes enchants from stamina into spell power. In the end, we went 6-5, not bad for just jumping into the arena without an exact idea of how we were gonna work on things. 5's is such a crazy thing at the moment though, we would face a team that was rated real low down by us at one point, then we would face teams with a matchmaking rating over 2300. Some of these 2300 teams rick roll'd us to quick deaths, a couple of them we managed to beat. In the end our matchmaking rating was around 1900 even though we only went 6-5. Let me tell you, there is so much more shit goin' on with 10 people running around than with 4. Keeping track of people's trinkets without gladiator would be next to impossible, at least for an arena nub like me. There are spells flying everywhere, rogues being giant douchebags while they stunlock people, and my god I've never seen my totems go down so fast with all those people with pets. I cannot wait until that's over! I would put down a tremor totem and it would be killed when a fear was already almost done casting. Even though all its ridiculousness, it was a really good time. Maybe pvp is for B Rab, who knows, only time will tell. At this rate though, I might end up with a fun new weapon, mabes. At least survivability seemed good when I wasn't getting focused. I was able to get most melee off of my long enough to put in the big hurt. I don't wanna brag, but I did have at least 2 kb's in all of our wins...yuuuup, I know, I'm sweet. And modest.

In other news, I know there is a lot of speculation about 3.2 today, I've already noticed a lot of topics on it in my blogroll. This is why I'm not saying diddly about it, other than that I doubt it will be since PTR's were still up yesterday. Yes, I think that is a bigger reason for it not to drop rather than them not announcing the end of arena's and such. I have been wrong before though, and if I was about this, it wouldn't be the worst thing I'd ever done. Personally, it would be nice if they would give us another week to put our guild back in order. If it is today, well, forget WoW for the day I suppose, how often do you really have a smooth night the day a patch drops?

You had me at 'zug-zug',

B Rab

Edit: A friend just told me his patch started downloading when he opened WoW before he left for work... I have mixed feelings as you can see from above.

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