Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Moving On

On a side note, that's obviously from youtube, so the comments going on don't apply to me, per se...

Not from WoW! You haven't succeded in that, yet, Blizz. No, in fact, my 5 other real life friends and I have made a move to a new guild to raid 25s. It was nice that most of the people we have been playing with for a long time understood the situation.

So onto my new home. Obviously, being the first run for the us, we were pretty quiet in comparison to our normal raids. Testing the waters, seeing what flies, trying not to offend anyone on the first night out. I should at least have seen them naked before we have our first big fight, imo. I think that we will fit in well eventually, immersing ourselves will be the difficult part at first.

I should get some new ele shaman advice up soon. The guild I moved to has an elemental shaman who is just ridiculous. I don't really understand how he does it. I plan on looking at some of the recorded parses and seeing what's different between us. It might just be the his ridiculous understanding of everything about the class. I definetly got put into my place, apparently I'm only the second best elemental shaman on the server. Oh well, I'll have to see if I can't learn some of what he's doing and bring it back, or else go resto and hide my shame.

I know a lot of people have been throwing their hat into the ring on this discussion about Ony and new class/race combos. Consider mine tossed as well...

Man, the things I could learn to do with my free time if I didn't play WoW. Well, I can guarantee you I wouldn't be trying to learn this, but you get the idea.

Anyway, back to my original point, the two major news articles.

1. Onyxia v2.0 - She's back(!) and she's meaner(?). I know there has to be mixed camps on this. First of all, there are two groups looking at this right now, those who did Onyxia at level 60 and those who didn't. To those who didn't, finally getting to see the fight will be exciting and new to them, in fact, it's the same as creating new content for this audience. Everyone else, therefor, falls under the "have already been there, done that" category. Now I think that even this category gets split up into those who barely got to see the encounter back then and those who had to farm it to get everyone Ony cloak's. The majority of the first part of this group is probably excited to have a boss revitalized and revamped so baddies can't go 2-man her at 80. I think that most people that farmed her, at least the majorrity who I have talked to, are less than thrilled about reusing content that they are already bored with from oh so long ago. My opinion? Fun for a while...I could always use another bigger bag anyway, I only have 10 open slots on my main, and even with 5 alts fully loaded with bags, I have about a free bag on each... I don't know where I get all this crap! I'm thinkin' I should take it to the flea market and sell it... To your mom! JK... What am I, 10?

2. I was only skimming over new race/class combo's until one caught my eye, and quite frankly, pisses me off (Hey, you, troll, better than being pissed on, I get it, I've heard it before) -- A dwarf shaman?! A DWARF SHAMAN?!!! Excuse me, but F' dat homey. On a side note, I will be leveling a NE druid, so I can make him a troll! Cause trolls rock mon! Can I get a 'woot woot' for the best race in all of WoW? Yea, you might think that something like this is an 'opinion' or 'up for debtate', but I assure you, neither of those are accurate. Especially with the flat 20% haste racial now. Sometimes, I pop Berserking with Bloodlust (Heroism some of you, which I don't hate because you're ally, just because you're not trolls!) and cast 1 sec lb's. Man, sh*t is crazy.

Anyway, I'm out to go chris brown some work and some WoW research, and by that, I mean knock it out!! Booyah, oh no he didn't...

I may be a hybrid, but don't expect to me to cast heals if its gonna nerf my deeps...
B Rab

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