Monday, August 3, 2009

Guild Drama Crit

It seem that at one point or another, almost every guild goes through a tumultuous time where something goes boom and the people that really care and are in a position to do so have to scramble to keep the pieces from floating off into space like a dead body in Star Trek.

A lot of things happened this past weekend which I was somehow oblivious to until they all became painfully obvious as I put together the raid last night. First, we lost 2 people who had never missed a raid before to possibly greener pastures on another server where they both renamed themselves. Exactly why they left isn't really known, one person received an in game mail supposedly with a few of their reasons, but the list he gave seemed rather shallow and pedantic...kidding, they just weren't good reasons, all explainable. So we lost our best rogue and his holy priest sister (On a side note, this kinda hurt that they never said anything to me since I considered myself pretty good friends with them, more so than many other guildies). This event led to even more problems on Sunday -- with them being gone, and several others out of town for the weekend, we invited social members (people who aren't regular raiders -- they can be either old guildies who are just getting back in, or people who are friends of raiders who aren't geared/don't wish to raid) that wanted to come. This led to a wise-ass remark from an actual hun-tard towards one of around 15 of us' oldest friends in game. His reaction back wasn't much better, but it ended up with the hunter and her boyfriend being guildless. At least she was nice enough to finally speak up on vent, although her speach was filled with profanity and I'm pretty sure she had to have covered her computer screen with spit. With that, we called the night's raid and any future raids for now. Our original, core 10-man group, is going to be working on getting a couple other people their rusted protodrakes.

Afterwards, we had some fun premade bgs, but all in all my WoW morale took a big hit when I saw how quickly little things could blow a huge hole in the guild. I'm looking to find myself an escape route by looking at some other guilds on other servers just in case things really do finish imploding. Some of the other officers are talking about becoming a pvp guild, and, as much as I like pvp, not only am I bad at it, there is really nothing new ever in it. Plus I like to see endgame content. So if we go that route, I'm probably out too.

At least with patch 3.2 on the horizon, things are somewhat looking up a little. New totem buttons, which I'm still out on the usefulness of, if you need a specific totem you might still be left throwing down each 1 individually, especially since mana in arenas is pretty precious, if you are resto at least. Still though, it will be nice for pve and some pvp situations. I know, it's old news, but I'm trying to keep my spirits up and myself interested.

Sorry, not a lot of shamanistic advice today. If you want to have some fun though, don your elemental gear and go hang out in EoTS by the flag. People only come around for the flag for the first couple minutes of the match, after that its all yours when they get sick of falling off the edge. Another fun one is knocking back the siege engines in SoTA around 30 yards when they are coming up a hill, they started just firing at us from ranged when I was around. It was pretty satisfying to see that.

Anyway, I'll leave you with a classic favorite from vanilla:

An alliance army is marching across the barrens to raid Orgrimmar when a shaman comes running up and makes a rude gesture at the general. The general points to 2 of his soldiers and orders them to kill them shaman. The shaman runs away round a mountain and the soldiers follow. After a few minutes the shaman comes back with no sign of the alliance soldiers. He insults the general who promptly sends 10 officers to kill the shaman. The shaman runs round the hill and returns again. The general getting very annoyed orders 40 men to kill the shaman. They all chase him round the hill and for 10 minutes nothing happens. Then one badly wounded soldier comes back limping and says "Sir, it was a trap! There's two of them!"

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