Thursday, August 6, 2009

Second Impressions

Tonight went a lot better without all the lag. I managed to get in the new 5 man: Trial of the something or other, and the new 10 man, which is some other Trial. Also, I got to heal them and try out the new resto spec.

My first impression is mixed. I absolutely love being able to drop 21-22k crit on tanks now rather than having to get healing way up or else it being around 13k. The one thing I'm not a fan of, which can be fixed, is the new lesser healing wave. I am happy they made the change, its just that whenever I needed a quick heal it felt like this:

"OMG im dying over here"
"Hold on! I'm casting a quick heal, a lesser healing wave..."
"*gurgle as the dps dies*"
*Heal goes off*

In all actuality, only one person all night died where the quicker heal would have probably helped, but then again, they should stay out of the fire? Be more like, I was floatin like a butterfly, droppin' mad heals. Before you ask, I did a little stinging like a bee when I could, mostly on Gorehowl, or whatever his name was, when he took double damage. Yea, that's right, fat resto crits.

Overall so far, the one thing I would change is picking up some more haste gear. With the buff to mp5, I might even consider dropping some more of my mp5 gear for the ele gear for the haste and crit. I didn't have any mana issues what-so-ever even when chain casting for a while.

For some reason though, I'm having mana issues as ele. I don't know if it's because I have been running stuff without replenishment the last couple days, or if they did something sneakily to my mana regen. The first night when I was in VoA people were making fun of me for being oom, normally on those kind of fights I have 15-17k mana left at the end. Further research will be required.

On a pet project/alt note, I am going to finish leveling my 45 pally to 80 only with BG's. Why? Something different. Plus by the time I hit 60 I should be able to get a crap-ton of epics with which to further pwn nubs. Also, this ranged finisher (I forget the name right now, cause I'm a scrub when it comes to pallies), hammer of something or other, is was OP. I was just running around WSG looking for low people to throw that at. I would be like across the map and it would light up, I'd slam the hotkey and rack up another killing blow. It looks like it will take a bit longer to level this way, and by bit I mean lot. Over 3 games last night I got around 30-40k exp, but I could have easily surpassed that leveling. Oh well, doing something different for once is actually a lot of fun.

On the sad side of things, I may be uprooting and finally leaving my home. It looks like no progress towards raiding 25 mans is being made. Those of us that are considering leaving talked about our options last night. We could either scrounge up a couple new, probably scrub, tanks and start over, or move on to were we could just relax instead of dealing with crybabies non-stop. Man, being an officer just puts like a sticky note on your head that says, "Whine about stupid shit to me." The next time you are gonna bring something up to an officer, think about it's actual importance, not just its importance relative to yourself. That will save a lot of condescending remarks. Anyway, to get back on track, we are still considering putting this back together and trying to keep going even though we are losing all 3 of our tanks and 2 of our best healers on top of what we have already lost. At least 3.2 will help gear up some of these people, should we decide to stay. It's a tough decision though, leaving would take us to a couple guilds who are almost done with 25 man hard modes, which would be nice since I don't think we have enough skilled players in our guild to ever accomplish that. It's also hard leaving behind a lot of people that you know though. Plus, it's always fun downing one of the best locks in the world with his healers on him. Sure, maybe he was targeting someone else, who cares, I totally SS'ed it, so you know it's fo' reazy.

"The man who smiles when things go wrong has thought of someone to blame it on." - Robert Bloch

Zug Zug,
B Rab


  1. I've been having high mana use as Enhancement, much more than I am use to. I don't know if it is the nerf to mana regen from something (int maybe) or what, but I don't have much if any mp5 on my gear. Again I was in the new 5 man without replenishment.

    It is lucky they made Shamanistic Rage able to be cast twice as much, because I get the feeling I am going to need it.

  2. I usually don't run around on my shaman with someone providing replenishment, but I don't seem to be having mana issues as enh or resto - before the patch, I was having major resto mana issues, though.

    So I've run the 5-man as both enh. and resto, and I think I'm getting better at resto. We wiped a few times, but we actually made it through the H 5-man with me healing a very nub tank yesterday. Then I healed H OK (man I hate that place now) and we wiped a WHOLE lot, but we finally finished and a lot of the wipes weren't my fault. I liked seeing the chain heal jumping to the farther players.