Monday, August 10, 2009

Just another manic monday...

Sunday?! Pfft... I don't know what the Bangles were talking about, I actually wish it was Saturday, but I suppose then the song wouldn't rhyme as well, right?

Over the weekend, some of my rl friends in the game and I made a huge decision, a decision to pick the guild back up from the boot straps and get it raiding again. This meant recruiting our butts off all weekend long. Will we make it to a 25 man raid by Tues? I don't know, but that's the goal. If it really happens I think it will be a lot like starting Ulduar all over, at least some of us know the fights and overgear just doing it without hardmodes. The hardest part might be keeping our patience for those of us who have cleared it before and done hardmodes.

On a more shamanistic note, resto shaman I think are in a much better place. I spent the weekend healing several different raids and 5 mans, and I loved it. Mana is no longer the huge issue it once was for many of us. Personally, I've always stacked int and mp5, but I think I can start shifting away from that towards spellpower and haste. If you start going for this as well, make sure you don't make the complete change at once. You want to regem, gem by gem, until you find a happy medium, remember that the increased haste is going to mean more spells casted so you will find yourself going oom quite a bit faster, not to mention you are sacrificing regen stats for it.

5's update: 5v5 is silly.

I suppose I could have more to say about 5's, but it can be very frustrating. We spent yesterday afternoon getting the same 2 teams over and over again. Our matchmaking rating was around 1950, theirs was almost 2400. Where are the other teams? We can't actually get to our matchmaking ranking since we are getting hosed by people with full furious gear, we just cant output the same amount of damage, nor can we absorb as much. We are going to try again tonight, hopefully there are some scrub teams on looking for some points or something for the week. Next time, when the gate opens, I'm going to yell the plain and simple truth: Lok'tar ogar!

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