Tuesday, August 11, 2009


It's gonna be a long week...

It seems like there has been a lot of conversation lately about "why you play." Each person has their own unique reasoning behind their existence in WoW. People vary across the spectrum of the purely social interaction, to the gold fiends, to hardcore raiders. A lot of people play for a combination of those, each to a different degree.

Why do I play? To keep elemental shamans from getting buffed. I don't want Blizzard dev's to think our damage is low and buff us, so I constantly go out and blow the hell outta stuff. Ha, kidding, I'd always take a buff, but seriously, I do blow shit up. With my mind. And lightning bolts.

On a more serious note, I know I play for a lot of different reasons. I play to stay in touch with friends, people I graduated college with, because otherwise I know that I wouldn't hardly ever see them. I play because it's fun to make money in the AH off nubs -- I can't believe that even after Blizz put in a vender price when you hover over an item, I can still buy/bid my way to a free 50-100g every night on the vender search in auctioneer! I play for loot, because I want to look as badass as I feel when I'm slangin' hate. Obviously it will be replaced, but with better, more impressive gear for my peons/admirers to adore -- they would grovel at my feet, but as a troll I don't normally wear boots, or shower, and they smell pretty god-awful. Finally, I also play for the challenge. Don't get me wrong, I don't like to wipe, but I like the feeling of accomplishment on that first kill of a real boss. Too many bosses these days though just aren't as satisfying as they should be.

It kind of stinks that I don't know when the next time I get to seriously throw some hate will be. It looks like our decision to stick around so we could play with our friends, who only pvp now, will lead to me running resto due to a severe lack of healers. I'm actually ok with this though, sometimes I fall asleep at the wheel just casting lightning bolts. Now I can spend some time staring at health bars but trying to look past them and pay attention during fights. As long as I don't die to a nova on IC like one of our holy pallies has done 5 times, I should be a'ight. Just to get some work in, I've done enough heroics on my shaman to buy 12 runed orbs... Yeah, it was a crazy weekend, but hey, I got 2 main specs and all sorts of alts that need some love. I still need to get my rogue my crafted belt and boots so I can break into the upper 4k range. Of course, a nice MH weapon would be good too, Kel's Reach just isn't what it once was.

At least it should be entertaining with all the new scrubs, ahem, players we have.

/cast Flameshock
/cast Elemental Mastery
/cast Beserking
/cast Lava Burst
/cast Chain Lightning
/s Let the bodies hit the floor

B Rab

I know you have all seen this, but this remix makes it all that much funnier to me.

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  1. "Just to get some work in, I've done enough heroics on my shaman to buy 12 runed orbs... Yeah, it was a crazy weekend"

    Crazy weekend for sure! Dang lol! I am not hating, just dropping a comment to say that I enjoyed reading through your blog. I will definittely be back.

    Shamans FTW!