Friday, July 24, 2009

Another big blizz crit

Blizz definitely crit all over our raid last night. We had constant dc's with the inability to log back in due to authenticator servers being down among the many other problems. We managed to do Hodir with about 8 dc's when we pulled, then called it a night. It had been 2hrs already just trying to get people online past the authenticator issues and then back in when dc's were occuring. Instead, I spent some time reacquainting myself with cod4.

So, tomorrow is my birthday, and I have no plans what-so-ever. Sad isn't it? I think it's cause I'm in the middle of B.F.E with no one but older co-workers around. Maybe I'll start a pug Naxx 25 and finally get the Voice of Reason that I have been waiting for for so long now. It's starting to get embarrassing having Ulduar25 hard mode gear and a Naxx 10 shield. Or, maybe for my birthday, Blizz will send me a Flare of the Heavens. I got to a point in my gear where I could stop using Dying Curse, unfortunately, my next best trinket is the badge trinket -- another embarrassing moment for me. Looks like I might be switching to the resto helm and back from BIS gloves down to T8 or something. I'm just not sure yet, sometimes you hit awkward spots with gear.

I reread yesterday's post and I felt a lack of effort. I think it was because I felt like such crap. Sorry, but, oh well, I'm not redoing it, people posting on old patch notes is old -- and boring.

The thoughts are coming slow today. Probably because I got lots to do that I'm avoiding at the moment. Enjoy your weekends, suckas.

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