Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Shame on all of you that thought of XT hardmode, I'm actually talking about Mariah Carey:

"Heartbreaker, you got the best of me, but I just keep on coming back incessantly. Oh why, did you have to run your game on me, I should have known right from the start you'd go and break my heart"

Ok, so maybe not, I'm pretty sure that song really annoyed me, but I can hardly even remember how it goes, I had to look up the lyrics on Google, I promise. Just one of those random thoughts when you type/say something and some memory skitters across your neocortex (whatever that is).

Hardmode XT, or Heartbreaker, might be one of the first ones you can complete at a guild. It is a healing intensive fight compared to regular mode, but aren't all hardmodes? To start hardmode, you must put out the dps necessary to kill the heart during a heart phase. On 10 man, you can get by without lust (On a side note, earned Who Needs A Lust the other night on Thorim, look it up, its fun) due to the low hp and save it for later. In 25-man, you will probably have to pop lust to be able to kill the heart.

As soon as the heart is dead, kill as many adds as possible, with a focus on bombots and the Shredder's. If you tank him in between two piles on either the east or west side, you know that you will only get adds from the far pile and you can even keep XT from regaining all of her health back -- Can I all a robot a girl? She has a girl's voice...

When you are in hardmode there are some new effects on old abilities:

  1. Light Bomb - Does slightly more damage than on regular mode. Releases a charge out of whoever is the light bomb which much be killed as soon as possible. Kiting it is a good idea by shifting aggro between ranged dps, as getting hit can crit and 1 shot you.

  2. Gravity Bomb - Along with the original effects, this now does quite a bit more damage and when it goes off it drops a void zone wherever you are standing. If you get this, just run it away from the raid staying within range of heals.

  3. Tantrum - Same idea here, it just hits for a lot more damage (I believe 120% over the same amount of time as non-Hard mode), timers are nice to use through it to reduce raid damage if you have one.

Range in this fight will spend much of their time going after that dastardly spark that spawns from the light bomb -- like chasing the Golden Snitch, except if it catches you, it hurts -- a lot. There are no more heart phases so you won't get increased dps anymore on XT which puts you a lot closer to any enrage, make sure you dps are using cool downs as often as possible. (On a side note, the first time we ever walked into Ulduar, we killed XT by not dpsing the heart because we thought it would start hard mode and nearly hit the enrage -- man were we nubs...)

As soon as I can find a page at work that I can view the updated patch notes without this blocker, I will right an overview and inform you why its leaving a bad taste in my mouth every time I look at shamans, especially resto -- short side of it is that what I rolled my shaman for, I can't do, which was raid heal. More on that another day though.


  1. We experimented with a slightly different positioning last weekend.

    Drag him to the left (or right) and stick him in his normal spot in between two piles.

    Have everybody stack up behind him. Melee straight behind him, and ranged slightly further behind him, but still stacked up.

    Run to the right of him when you have light bomb, run left when you have gravity bomb.

    This will make sure that you're always in healing range, and when you are the healer you're still in range to heal the tank and the rest of the raid.

    Also, because you're very close to the tank this way, he can taunt the spark and it will float to the melee, meaning they won't have to run as much.

    On top of this, because everybody is together chain heal will work, and so does holy nova ;)

  2. You know, I tried explaining something like that once, but I guess if it's not killing anyone else they don't care much. I think maybe I'll pulling aggro on the spark first with a shock when this stuff happens and see what people say, haha. Thanks for the ideas though! Luckily the only aoe we have to worry about is CoH and LB and stuff like that, I'm still in that pew pew stage until they let me back out to fire green love lazerz