Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Raid Reset and I'm Excited?

Man, just when I was getting sick of Ulduar comes a week when I'm excited to get back in and knee deep in the poo that is a fail Ulduar run -- we recently got ourselves a legendary, and since we have doubts of getting another one done before 3.2, and don't plan on farming Ulduar afterwards, that it's time for hard mode only kills. This should show what our guild is really made of.

This information also comes after finishing Glory of the Ulduar Raider last night with a "One Light in the Darkness" Yogg-10 kill. We also got our first night in on Algalon after also finishing Firefighter this week -- way harder than Yogg with only 1 keeper. First impressions? Algalon hits like a truck. The first pull, despite seeing videos, our mt wasn't ready for him to start combat while our holy pally was dropping a heal as he came out, can you guess what happened next? "Holy Pally gets crit for 46k, 26k overkill." Well, that was a fun main hand crit. Apparently this guy hits for around 18k main hand, 12-15k offhand. Yea, he dual wields, and he hits hard and fast, and kills with less mercy than the 80's the farm STV and Tarren Mill.

Plans for those posts I keep promising are in the works -- just need a free weekend so I have a couple of hours to commit. Later tonight I should be updating this is a sweet new snapshot of my flying around in Dal on my rusted protodrake -- "Everyone come see how good I look." It looks way better than my Naxx protodrake, which I was getting sick of, I even started flying on some of the Sarth 3d drops even though they are 30% slower. It never hurts to look good while you kick ass and take names (sometimes I forget to take names).

So the as the excitement builds up for me as I approach tonight, is there anyone else that is still excited to get back into Ulduar? I know progression keeps things going, and I think part of my being so excited has to deal with hanging out with Algalon while he bitch-slaps me back into the antechamber and tells me how I'm not worthy or something.

B Rab

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