Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Ideas Keep Rolling

I was considering some sort of epic math post, showing the best rotations, glyphs, totems, etc. for an elemental shaman. Then I thought about it, started work on it, and now I think I'm scrapping it. At least for now, unless someone expresses some interest. Maybe even just a simple one if I decide to find some time at home to look up links over to EJ, then I won't even have to do any of my old math. Of course, that hinges on how quickly we finish 25 man Ulduar and our 10 man hard modes Ulduar whichever week that comes up.

Since I'm unsure of where exactly I want to go with this blog, I am still starting random posts and leaving them during random breaks in the work day. I wonder sometimes if they are even appropriate, or if they have been run into the ground, all sorts of things like this. Hopefully, that doesn't happen, and instead you enjoy a different viewpoint.

So, just some general thoughts about what's coming up in 3.2, and what people are up to maybe? What are you doing in the game right now? Are you making preparations for anything?
I know personally, I have abandened almost all of my alts for the time being, save for my level 75 warlock who I somehow just lost the passion to level a few weeks ago. I started him during one of those close to burnout phases. Stress as an officer will do that to you, and like so many others, I rolled an unknown alt that I practically powerleved with some heirloom stuff. I'm not sure exactly how long it took me, but I know I raced to Northrend within 2 weeks time. It was quite peaceful really, like fishing, but less annoying.

There was just one problem, just as when I go fishing, I was down in the officers channel on vent chatting away without thinking about the fact that I wasn't online that anyone knew of. Well, one thing obviously led to another, and my alt had been found, and at that moment the fun successfully was executed from that character. I think I was actually going to enjoy being unguilded and working on starting a new character from scratch. Now what I'm left with is a level 75 warlock sitting in moaki harbor with 3 full bars of rested. I logged in tuesday night, switched specs to destro, and did a couple quests before raid, it's possible the entertainment might be back... only time will tell. Maybe it's time to wait until earlier flying mounts, new heirloom items, and faster reg mounts to get back into leveling. On that same notion, the couple other level 30-40s will have to wait.

I think this post is just turning into a general to know me a little bit, so I'm going to roll with that. If you saw my UI, you saw my main Rabidkoala (I'm not much on RP names, more like, ridiculous names -- don't let that lead you to think I'm 12, I'm totally 13/f/cali like all the other female belfs!). Anyway, I still want to do some work on the UI, I don't know if I'm ever satisfied. I might go back to xperl, or I might just go try something new altogether. I haven't found the perfect UI yet, but its fun seeing what people's mods have created. I may have a masters in statistics, but programming WoW addons is over my head. For now. Maybe someday I'll look into it, but it seems doubtful, I'll probably stick with appreciating other people's work. Anyway, I have a couple other 80's -- My TBC main was the second character I got to 80, an undead rogue named Foodstamps, not to be confused with the jerk mage Foodstamp who came along after me... Anyway, main's switched since I liked healing, then our guild needed caster dps, not heals, so I was forced into elemental, and been there loving it ever since.

I also have a lol DK like everyone else. At least I use mine for tanking if that means anything. I think the only reason I even made it to 80 was because of how fun it was to pull around 6-8 mobs and kill them with full health at the end. It was ridiculous! If I didn't have so much random naxx 25 gear and stuff like that, I would consider rerolling him just to go through all the again, plus the starting area is amazing.

Upcoming plans: Hardmode guides, including FL+4, XT, Thorim, Hodir, 3 Tree Freya, General, and hopefully Firefighter on Mimiron soon (need to finish Firefighter to learn more about it...)

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