Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Close, But No Cigar

This isn't a post about some sort of mischievous Bill Clinton news, instead, it deals with our attempts at getting our hands on a server 2nd legendary (Yes, our server is bad, its ranked reaallllly low, and only 3 guilds I think total have downed Yogg-25 with no keepers).

So, losing 1 of your lights really sucks. No wonder the S.T.A.R.S strategy made me sick to read (Their stacking classes made me think about grabbing buffs from pallies outside raids...). Anyway, I can't imagine not having any helpers in that situation. Yogg has become a trivialized encounter for our guild but this changed everything. We decided, based on our knowledge of what each keeper helped us with, that we would go without the help of Mimiron. He's an annoying guy anyway, doesn't look very cool, and tries to touch me inappropriately almost every raid -- he's gone, I can breath a sigh of relief. Unfortunately, he speeds you up, and slows casting time on debuffs in p2. Outside p2 went from a cakewalk, to terrible. We got through it every time, although after a couple hours we only had a few decent attempts. Our first attempt may have actually been the best of the night, had it not been for the silences he does in p3 we probably would have been done there.

I'm not sure if this is because we ran through Ulduar-25 in about 2-2.5 hrs searching for fragments like rats looking for food. We needed 2 more to start the night, and it dropped off of our final kill -- no, not General, we had left up Razorscale and Ignis to move quicker and only got 1 in the rest of the place. After General, we can back and killed Razorscale, no frag, this is where our Pally started to get nervous about waiting another week. Walk across to Ignis, and success! Needless to say, he was excited.

Anyway, back to my last connected thought, our first attempt may very well have been our best. I think we all forgot about the silence, which means no taunts or death grips off that holy pally running with righteous fury on to pull adds...that doesn't work well when a mob that hits real hard at full health comes swingin' away and someone -- the sword and board technique is less than impressive when you are holy apparently...

Anyway, we spent a couple hours going after it, even staying an extra hour, which explains any mistakes I might have in this post today since I'm exhausted at work -- hot damn, I don't mind 6 hrs of sleep, but I ended up with about 4 and that doesn't work very well for me. We have plans to go back Thursday with better results coming soon hopefully -- and you know there is an incoming screenshot of this thing when it drops, from the front and back (gotta show off someone rockin' that Naxx10 shield with a legen--wait for it--dary.


  1. Hello, just found you through your comment at Jong's awesome blog. My main is a super ridiculously overpowered shadow priest, but my other 80, a shaman, is a powerhouse of enhancement goodness.

    My other spec, however, is elemental. I've gathered 3/4 T7.5, I have one ilevel 200 blue and the rest of my gear is Naxx 10/25 level epics, I'm hit capped, I'm throwing out LvBs as much as possible while keeping FS ticking (not clipping it) and sticking LB/CL in between LvBs, I'm using the recommended spec and glyphs from Elitist Jerks ... and holy shit, I pull about a horrid 1200 dps in heroics.

    In other words, I sorely need help with ... something. Is it my rotation? Did something change? Is Elitist Jerks out of date? Do I smell? What am I doing wrong? My spellpower is on the low side, to be honest, even with the not-so-terribad gear. I was resto for a while (I hatedhatedhated it, how do shamans keep anyone alive with their stupid FOUR HEALING SPELLS?) but changed to elemental after gathering a nice (or so I thought) dps set.

    Sounds like your ele sham. is super elite if your guild is downing Yogg 25 with hardly any problems (my own guild is working on General). Help! I even voted on your poll - more about how to be a kick ass shaman, plz!

    My enh. spec is going pretty well, on a side note - pulled 3700 dps on Emalon in 25-man the other night, and I'm still rocking 2 blues and only 3 pieces of over-200 ilvl gear. So wtf is wrong with my elemental shaman, who's a lot better geared?

    I'd like to say I just suck as a player and a human being, but that's not entirely true (at least not the player part). I haven't found a shaman or even a mage that can out-dps me on my priest, after all, and that's including in VoA 25 and OS 25+drakes pugs.

    WoW-Heroes and the Armory are sucky and outdated, or otherwise I'd link you my shaman (well, I'm usually in my enh. gear anyway, so I suppose it wouldn't help.) I had to struggle with getting hit capped on my ele. set - perhaps having a shield is essential for doing higher dps? Because currently I'm sporting that emblem off-hand with the hit on it - I'm not hit-capped without it. Been running the crapfest known as H VH every day for two weeks with no luck in seeing the blue hit trinket drop. I've contemplated losing 25 times in Wintergrasp to get enough marks for that 213 ilvl pvp hit trinket (Alliance pvp on US-Silvermoon is filled with what must be the worst pvpers in the world - we hardly ever win anything), but that'll take forever and I really am terrible at pvp.

    So I do have a teeny, tiny request. A post about dps rotations (I know it's more of a priority instead of a rotation, though), recommended stats for the different raid levels (how much spellpower should I be shooting for if I want to kick some ass in Naxx 25, for example? or Emalon 25?), key gear items to shoot for (Voice of Reason comes to mind), whether or not it's acceptable to be one of "those" shamans (you know, the ones that will wear leather and even cloth), etc etc.

    There are not many shaman blogs out there, and the ones I've found are for resto or enh. A nice source for elemental shaman information is sorely needed, and my lonely little self will spread your name far and wide if you'll help me to become a great elem. shaman ... or at least help me to not be as sucky as I am now. I only do 1000 dps on the heroic 80 test dummies, for crying out loud!

  2. How much spellpower do you have with just flametoungue up? It seems like if you have all that t7.5 you should have around 1800-2000? I think when I had BIS for naxx 25 (minus the shield since we never saw one, I finally gave up after 23 full clears) I was up around 2200 as a lw/ench. I can't imagine you're getting something as low as 1000 on a heroic test dummy. I was around 1500 when I was 70 -- lol. Anway, try and log our in your ele gear/spec and I'll take a look and write a post about it, not including your actual armory if you want, or just send you an email about it.

  3. Ah, just read your newest post - that was quick! I don't recall how much sp I have right now, but I'll look when I get home and log out in my elemental spec/gear.

    And yeah, that embarrassing off-hand .. now I'm even more determined to get that trinket so I can equip my proper shield. :-P

    Will take some notes about my shaman when I get home tonight (after I go see Harry Potter and after my Ulduar raid, heh) and comment with my link and the exact stats (I can't see Armory or anything during the day, either - damn work firewall) and even the gear pieces I have equipped, just in case.

    On a side note, I've been gathering the mats to power level inscription/lw on my shaman (at the moment, I'm herb/skinner). The switch will possibly help a bit.

    Thank you for your post - I haven't finished my own latest blog post, but a link to your blog will be on there when I finally update. I have at least one reader, I think. :-D

  4. Yea, having crafting professions will improve sp a lot over gathering professions -- I know the next time I get a toon to 80 im switching immediatly to insciption, no more sons of hodir dailies for me... lol. Anway, for sure drop me some stats and I'll keep working on gear and other stuff, the quick reply was me avoiding work yet still looking like I am busy, ha! I might even throw one up about how to heal different things as resto to help out, I'll have to go heal some heroics though and see if anything is done differently than raids.