Thursday, July 16, 2009

Today was supposed to be a, "Sorry, no post, etc," day...

Last night we ran a quick "up to mim" 10 man Ulduar, our holy pally got a nice new shield while I am still stuck with this Naxx 10 crap. At least when he gets his legendary he won't look like such a scrub... On a side note, it's fun to know you can at least somewhat "bring the player, not the class" being as on fights we 2-heal, we use two holy pallys in these hard mode encounters. On 3T-Freya we switch our spriest to disc, but that's just his loss...

On a fun side, in getting our holy pally his shield, we had to get the 3min Hodir kill, which last week for some reason we couldn't do (missed it by 2 sec for the first time in a long, long time) -- I stood atop my high horse and proclaimed to the masses how they could all suck on these hybrid... well you get the point, I did 12.8k dps, I was proud, I think that's my new high on that fight where I normally hover around 11k. Anyway, the point was, even after missing it last week with all 10, this week 2 dps died to the first frozen blows (its tough to not move and get rid of biting cold, don't be so hard on them) and we still got it with around 20sec to spare -- Did bliz nerf his health without me paying attention?

Anyway, this was just supposed to be a short, no post today message since I am going to be out to a training and visiting some random places for work, at least I'm getting some OT in. Guess you got more than you bargained for and more than I was planning to give. I feel like a cheap whore, but hey, if you call it taxi cab money neither of us will get busted for prostitution so it's A OK!

Also, on a side note, when putting in a ticket, I always think it is best to ask for an RP GM, cause they are hilarious! The last one kicked his horse into a gallop with six guns a' blazin. Sweet.


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