Monday, July 27, 2009

Feliz Compleanos a ti

Yea, that's right, it was a happy birthday for me on Saturday. I made it through a whole PUG run that I started to finally get the Voice of Reason from Kel, that stingy bastard, it only took me downing him 21 times to finally actually see it. Sometimes there is just that 1 elusive piece of gear, I'm sure everyone knows that feeling.

Anyway, good news is, this all means I'm no longer a scrub -- the embarrassment of our Ulduar raids with my naxx10 cutesy shield. Instead, I've finally become a man, or something like that.

Sadly, its looking like a slow week for posts, some different field work bs activities are trying to keep me from my loyal 2 readers who come by just enough for me to post every morning. They have me out of the office for the next 2 days, I don't think they realize that I need to have a huge project done asap and their silly car rides to far away places are getting right in the way of that.

Well, from the looks of things, 3.2 might be dropping sooner than later. If you ask me, its coming in a couple weeks. I know kids did crazy posts about their pattern of dropping patches near blizzcon, but here's the thing. Most of those were larger content packages. We are only starting the first week with very little with design of only bringing out another boss each week. Also, the whole not removing the rusted proto-drakes, instead just saying they will still be available after 3.2 drops and give a months notice before they are going to remove them. To top is all off, I downloaded a second part of 3.2 this weekend. This makes me think that stuff will be dropping within the month, and by my estimate a couple weeks. We'll have to see what exactly happens with the ptr's new build and testing this week before I make any specific date predictions, but rest assured, I'll probably pick a Tuesday... We'll see if I can call the date of this patch like I did the last one.

Not a whole lot of other news floating around out there. It seems that the combination of being on the verge of 3.2 and it being the summer might have finally struck a blow to the guild. We started to heavily work on hard modes further into Ulduar this week on Tuesday, thats the last time we raided really as a 25man. Thurs obviously had a post about it, and how dc's and such kept us from going, but it seems like participation is going a little slower as of late.

Eventually here, I'll throw up a pic of the rusted proto drake we got last week, but I have been lazy/busy since I got it. Anyone got suggestions on where to get an epic screenshot? I have one of my flying in front of the BS in Dal, but I feel like that might not be good enough. I might have to go back to TBC to find something real amazing for a backdrop.

Pop your flasks,

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