Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Filling In...

Seems like it has been almost a mass exodus of people leaving the wow blogging world, of those that around, only a handful are regular updaters. This isn't to knock down those that are, I am happy you are still around and enjoy reading every one of you. My largest complaint was the lack of a regular shaman perspective for me to find while I'm sitting at work, someone to bounce ideas off. Hopefully, someone else has been looking for that so I don't just post complete ramblings here every day to amuse only myself, although that's the most likely outcome of this I'm sure.

This blog is going to be solely focused on wow, that much I can guarantee. The topics might be somewhat random depending on whats going on or what I am currently working on, but I like to think that they will be mostly based on my current main, my level 80 ele shaman (I have dual specs into resto pvp or pve most of the time even though I'm terribad at pvp, but occasionally I'll throw on a couple axes and go to town as enhance).

I'm hoping what eventually comes through here is my sense of humor, some guides for Ulduar on 10 man hard modes (our 25 group may not quite be up to par for this) from a resto or ele shaman perspective, and other random nonsense that will hopefully at least entertain you.

"Paper is fine, nerf rock." - Scissors

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