Thursday, July 9, 2009

Double Post Day? It's not gonna be a tradition

Alright, I know I already posted something today, but I wrote that I wrote yesterday when I was still unsure of how to take the new about the heirloom tome of flying. I'm sure by now you have all formulated your own opinions, jumped on your respective like it, love it, hate it bandwagons, and are good to go. Turns out that I'm no different.

Overall, I like the idea, it is necessary to already have an 80 to be able to purchase this heirloom. Now, personally, I have my last 3 or 4 alts on my main's server down in that 30-40 lets to some pee vee pee in STV (besides the lv 75 warlock). Oh wait, you don't get any honor when you're 80 there? Wierd, with all the alliance camping that area I thought there must be some sweet rewards.

So am I going to ever buy this heirloom tome? No, probably not. I think when I get my 4th 80 I will have more than enough work on my hands than the amount of time I have to play WoW. Do I think its a good idea? Well, I could be elitist and say everyone should go through all the trouble I went through with each of my characters, or at least the second 2 times I leveled through Northrend on my DK and rogue, but I just don't feel that way. I wish I would have had it, but I understand why we didn't. The one plus is that, this time, on my lock, I don't need questhelper, I don't need to look up anything, or even read quests -- I know where that shit is, I know it like the back of my hand (insert 90's sitcom joke -- "Hey, what's that on my hand?!").

So I say congrats to those of you who are months behind in leveling alts, taking your precious time, and reaping the rewards as blizz nerfs not only raid content, but also leveling content. JK! See, I could pretend to have that attitude, but I'm all for anything that makes leveling quicker. I'd be ok if they let me start at 79 with nothing explored, you need to get enough xp in that last level that you could learn what ever you needed to know about that class.

Enjoy the double post... It will only happen randomly

Along with the upcoming hard mode guides, I think I might have a conversation with myself about how I feel about the current state of resto shaman and the upcoming changes and what they will do for us.

I forgot until just now, then kids started acting out again last night, you know anal this, anal that, chuck norris is your mom and stuff, so I'll just share a tidbit so you can all feel my pain, although this one isn't as bad...

Chuck Norris.. the man who destroyed the periodic table, because only he recognizes the element of surprise.

Edit: It's the second post of the day, but it seems to have pushed back the rest of the posts a day

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