Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Back on track... Sorta

Time to crack my knuckles and get a new post out. It was kind of a nice day off driving around doing things since it gave me some time to think about what else to post on.

I've done the dried up, tired rant about 3.2, including the positives and the negatives. I wasn't happy with that post really when I released it, it felt like it was 1 more person throwing a glass of water into the ocean. Same 'ol story, same 'ol qq, etc...

I would really like to get to work on those guides of BIS for ele and resto depending on what you're raiding (and assignment) -- a.k.a. T7 10 or 25 man content, and T8 10 or 25 man content, but with last weekend being my birthday, and me being out of town every weekend for around a month, it seems like those are just going to get pushed back far enough that they are no longer relevant due to emblem changes.

I would do another discussion of last night's raid post, but my internet has been in and out, with an emphasis on out, since Sunday. The tornadoes the other night in the area didn't do anything to help out my situation. I've even called the company and now I have a tech appointment where some geek is gonna come tell me the exact same stuff I know...This was my call:

Geek: Is your computer on?
Me: Yes .o0(Thinking: I hate you)
Geek: Ok, now what is the receive/send light doing?
Me: The receive light blinks for a while, then goes solid and the send light blinks, then it resets.
Geek: Have you tried resetting your modem?
Me: Oh, I never thought of trying that, ass clown. /sarcasm
Geek: Ok, can you go to your computer.
Me: Ok
Geek: Ok, type in /cmd and then /ipconfig
Me: The problem is that the router isn't connecting, not with my computer.
Geek: Sir, we need to explore every option.
Me: So would you like me to type /ipconfig release next probably.
Geek: Yes, have you already done this?
Me: No, I didn't even think to turn my computer on to try out my internet, how would I know how to do this.
Geek: Ok, I'm going to send out a tech, if they replace wires they can be 30-40$ each, would you like insurance on your wires.
Me: I have to pay for any faulty wires that you installed? (I gotta get in on that business plan, its easier than making gold in ah.)
Geek: Yes, but its only 4$ for insurance against this.
Me: I think I'll pass.
Appointment for the weekend, supa, maybe I'll get to meet him in person, but it seems doubtful. He might have been from another country that does help requests, I don't know. All I can say is that the next time someone suggests I turn on my computer on when I say my internet isn't working is gonna get a flame shock/lava burst/chain lightning combo to the face. And I'm gonna make sure it all crits. How dumb are people that they need to actually ask this question? Also, if I hear the big fix-all speech about /ipconfig release another time, probably the same thing. Or I might just pretend I'm a warrior and shield slam them with my new Voice of Reason, inherently giving me the voice of reason when I tell them how much I hate their dumb answers.

Maybe I should move onto a more wow related note. Despite all the people calling for an immediate patch, and even me at one point, someone brought up a good point to me -- They haven't announced the end of the arena season yet. Now I know that this doesn't guarantee anything, and before that, I was telling people that I thought the patch would be this upcoming Tuesday because of the progress being made, especially due to the change in the rusted protodrake availability into 3.2, but I forgot about the fact that the new patch will bring with it a new arena season. It looks like we might actually be waiting until the Tuesday after Blizzcon. I hope I'm wrong, especially since that's a month away and I'm more than getting fed up with the current content, but I think that's more personal since our MT got a job that has had him working crazy hours so we cant get our best group together for it. Maybe this week will be the week. Now that he's nerfed I can't imagine it being too bad, but I guess all I've been doing is watching videos and pulled him a couple times. As soon as that goes down you can bet I'll have something to say on the issue.

If at first you don't succeed; call it version 1.0.

B Rab

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