Monday, July 20, 2009

Sportin E-Peen

Last night's raid was ballin'. We were still working solely on "Heroic: Three Lights in the Darkness" for our holy paly's legendary (25-Yogg without 1 keeper for those who aren't on top of the achievements -- we left Mimiron up top to play with himself and watch from above). We got this taken care of after about an hour, grats on nerfed content right? Thanks anyway, we aren't Ensidia or S.T.A.R.S, our raids aren't always optimal and some of us are carrying some dead weight for now. Anyway, it was an exciting day, and apparently the glyph of holy light can also proc the shields, although that only makes a shield that absorbs about 200 on everyone, it looks really sweet -- time for some people to drop the graphics down though probably.

With our new legendary we walked over to Mim in our 10 man hard mode group. We showed him our legendary and he just shot epic lootz right out of his ass and cowered in a corner. It was awesome. All we need now is to do "One Light in the Darkness" on 10 man (which we have heard is easy, we do manage the speed kill every week on this fight with our group). The plan is to only bring down Hodir I believe? Maybe it was Thorim. It's whichever one throws the killing blow on the spawned adds, and I have been to busy to do more than show up in the way of research lately.

Anyway, we are running back in tonight so we can have fun wiping for our hour this week on Algalon and get that last achievement required for the drake finished. I'm sick of looking at the Naxx one, its time for a new coat of paint. I really wish once I had a 310% speed mount, all of my old ones worked that way. I'd rather be on top of my Sarth 10/25 3d mounts than a proto drake -- but oh well.

I'm hoping this week leads to me getting things done that I am working on for work, and getting some free time to get back into reading the forums and such. All these trips around the country have been wearing me and my liver out. I'm out of the office a few days again dealing with some trainings to lead and some local activities I have to attend to share that which is my brilliant genius outside of WoW.

I still have high hopes for the gear lists , although that might be a post I have to write from home so I can do gear links and research a little easier than trying to find stuff I can look through a filter with. Also, there should be an inc resto shaman discussion and a post about my feelings on changes to shaman in 3.2 (some good, some bad -- like always right?).

Maybe this week I'll roll a hunter and /cast Hunter's Mark, /cast Aimed Shot at the boss, and figure out who I can Misdirect his aggro to. Probably a clothy...

B Rab

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